Amir Khan Movie On His Life – Son Junaid Khan

Bollywood actor Amir Khan has announced that in the film made on his life, my son Junaid will be the best choice to play the main role.

Amir Khan Movie On His Life
Amir Khan Movie On His Life

Aamir Khan said why I do decide to make a movie? A long story behind it, after becoming a movie, everyone will understand this. Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan announced that Son Junaid Khan will start his Bollywood travel from my film, right now he is performing acting and learn Theater related education; I think he will work more than all the hopes.

Khan Khan further said that as a father, I have a good idea about Junaid would be a good choice because he laughed at me, saw crying, my son was with me on every occasion. I hope he wills successes.

According to the details, the fans of Mr. Perfectionist had been waiting for a long time to make films on the condition of his life, but Amir Khan never showed interest in this regard. Many times the fans and journalists also asked questioned from Bollywood actors upon this, but every time he responded, it is not time to come when everyone comes to know.

According to the Indian media reports, during the discussion with the delegation of the journalists on Sunday, He said that if a person made about film upon his life, only my son Junaid would play the main role if he wants.

Aamir Khan said that Swati is my closest friend, our friendship was started with the school, after which he married with Sitaya. Actor Amir Khan said, So far is the only person who has seen every aspect of my life very closely, why did I do two weddings, how he lives, he knows everything that he has done during his childhood situation. It is known when I got a ten rupees pocket money monthly from a house.