Apple Big Announcement – 3 Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max

3 Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple Big Announcement

Famous technology company Apple Inc. introduces a TV streaming service with $ 5 per month and a new iPhone with 3 cameras. According to a foreign news agency Reuters report, Apple’s announcement came during the company’s biggest event of the year, where they introduced several new products.

Buy Apple Product With Free TV Streaming

The Apple TV Plus streaming television service will be available in more than 100 countries through November, but the service and Apple Arcade video game subscription will not be available in China. Buyers of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be able to get a free TV streaming service for one year, attracting the attention of millions of viewers.

iphone 11 Pro Max 3 camera price

iPhone 11 Camera – Price

Apple said that their new iPhone 11 will be accompanied by two back cameras, including an ultra-wide-angle lens, while the new generation uses the Micro Chips A13. Its introductory price of the iPhone 11 is also $ 699 as compared to last year’s price of $ 749.

iPhone 11 Pro  3 Cameras – Price

It has 3 cameras behind the expensive iPhone 11 Pro, including wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide, this phone can make videos from all back and front cameras at the same time, this phone cost approximately $ 999. It will be launched and priced separately according to different storage.

Big Screen iPhone 11 Pro Max

The big-screen iPhone 11 Pro Max will start at the price of $ 1,999. New iPhones will be ordered from Friday while people will be shipping from September 20.

It should be noted that competitors of the iPhone, Huawei, and Samsung are already selling mobile phones with 3 back cameras while Apple has introduced this type of phone. Patrick Moorhead technology analytics said, “Consumers still care about cameras, which has led to sales of Samsung and Huawei over the past few years”.

Analysts expect Apple to sell nearly about 20 million iPhones by next year.

Apple’s new TV streaming service

For the first time, Apple has stepped into the streaming service world where services like Netflix are ​​ruling. Walt Disney is also introducing its streaming service 12th of November for $7 per month, which will include videos about their children.

Although Apple intends to overtake famous shows like HBO Max’s Game of Thrones and Friends, the difficulty for Apple is that it has to tell consumers that their devices are the best one-stop place to watch shows. Apple also introduced the latest Watch Series 5 during the event, which includes the feature “Always on Display” and its watch price at $399.

Apple 7th Generation iPad

At the event, Apple also introduced its 7th Generation iPad, which will cost $ 329 and will be ordered from Wednesday, while it will be available in stores on the 30th of September.

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