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In this post you can find lot of funny caption for instagram like best friend and you can captions on your girl friend picture and for your friends funny quotes on picture and instagram and other social media like facebook and whatsapp Dp friends group photo funny captions.

funny captions for instagram

Funny Captions for Best Friend

Life has given, friends, great deceptions. Ok bye it’s ok
The winds blew so hard that my heart was broken Look, my friend, what’s in my eyes

We are also sold in the human market – friends.
Going to the market, he found out that people are cheap and potatoes are expensive.

What will he do with his lifelong friend?
Who stopped texting even though he has a package

Your love has forgotten everything, friend.
If you can’t believe it, look at this. A Four Cat, B Four Apple.

Now electricity has become like medicine, my friend.
2 hours in the morning, after breakfast. 2 hours after lunch 2 hours before bed at night.

Leave it in love, what have you kept, my friend?
Daddy is angry, Mom is angry.

It will pass over you, so you too will know, friend.
What does it feel like to be invited to a party and fed potato tenderloin?

Let me see your face
For a long time, those eyes did not see Zakota.

My friend read in every book for the exam.
Pray that there will be a question from Facebook too.

Love is not enough for you friend
Silently put a bunch of guavas.

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Funny Captions for Instagram

Get up in the morning and thank Allah that you are alive and then brush after that so that others may also be alive

In modern times, the same person can walk with his head held high. Who does not have a mobile

A smile is better in response to everything because not everyone can be shot

Summer has come, now she will come to get snow

How a single student cans read all the subjects when a single teacher cannot read all the subjects

Yesterday my mobile was bad so I fell asleep at 9 o’clock at night. The family picked him up and took him to the hospital

I sing when I’m sad and then I’m convinced that my voice is worse than mine.

‘Some people just want to be nice … like you all.’

Babaji says that it is the black people who have spread the word that … black people are faithful

If you want someone sincerely, then the whole universe starts to get him married to someone else

Without a beard, boys look like empty plots

Tandoori bread, whether salty or sweaty, is delicious

No matter how much you read, no matter how good the grades are. You will never be able to answer another question

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Sardar Funny Captions

Sardar fell asleep on the railroad tracks.
The man said what are you doing? When the train arrives, you will die!
Sardar: Nothing happened when the plane passed over me, what is the train?

Police: You will be hanged tomorrow morning at 5 o’clock.
Sardar: Ha ha ha ha!
Police: Why are you laughing?
Sardar: I wake up at 9 o’clock in the morning

Once Pathan and Sardar went to eat together in a hotel.The glass was read upside down
Pathan: Friend, the mouth of the glass is closed
Sardar: And the bottom is broken

Sardar calls WAPDA Office and says, “Dude, turn off the electricity.
I remember a new abuse. I have to give it to you.”

There were many trees in Sardar’s garden,
The Sardar told the servant to pour water on the tree.
The servant said, “Sir, it is raining”
Sardar: Just grab the Buddha umbrella and put it on!

Sardar sent an SMS to his pregnant wife.
Two seconds later a report came
On his phone and he started dancing.
“Salvation,” the report said.

Sardar found a Rs 100 note in the street
Above the note was written “Eid Mubarik”
The Sardar looked around,
And he kept the note in his pocket”Kher Mubarik”

Kurulus Osman Bala Hatun Love Status

The sardar shot his wife Why did he just say that?
In my life, I want to spend time with “Shaan” and “Shaukat”

Sardar: Let’s race; the loser will give a thousand rupees.
Pathan: But I don’t know the way
Sardar: Just keep following me.
Pathan: Thanks yara

Sardar: Why are you riding the bike so fast?
Pathan: This letter is urgent
Sardar: Where?
Pathan: Now is not the time to look at the address
Sardar: OK, go fast