Google Finish Crackdown Play Store application

The Internet’s largest company Google has removed numerous outstanding applications due to security concerns from their Play Store. According to technology-based news, Google removed 85 applications from your playlist, which had developed by private companies. According to the report, many applications like TVs remote control had been removed, one of the users downloaded more than 90 million times. Google’s spokesperson said that it was decided to remove applications to protect users’ data, now the mentioned companies will not be able to upload this style again on the Play Store concerned with Adware.

Google Finish Crackdown Play Store application
Google Finish Crackdown Play Store application

The company’s spokeswoman said that security-based experts pointed out after continuous monitoring of applications. Software that includes unlimited games and mobile applications from Google was also removed. The company warned the users to avoid downloading unsolicited applications.

The company’s spokesman said that the operation on the Play Store will continue, further applications will be banned in the future.

Security experts developed the Internet’s largest company by preparing a research report last month, which was told that there are some famous applications that millions of people use worldwide on daily basis. The Google spokeswoman also said that continuous complaints were received from consumers regarding the applications mentioned, which were very important against the steps because we want to provide a transparent and good platform to our customers.

Experts looking at the mobile security system have claimed that Google will remove more than 7 million accessibility apps  from their playlists in the future.

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