Google Map New Features Traps Vehicles Speed

Internet largest company Google’s including more two features in its map application will also be able to track vehicle speeds. According to the details, Map application was introduced 8 years ago by Google, which helps users with routes and places.

Google Map New Features
Google Map New Features

The Google Map service was introduced begging only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but the company spread its scope to the whole world and today it is being used in every country. Features of travel trips and route information in the Google Map are already available but now the company has also added new features that will inform users about the speed of driving.

According to the report, Google Speed Experience experienced Android Police in which the speed and maximum speed of the vehicle and Speed Trap were also tested. Users using Google Map will receive instructions that they will be given to the road, the highway or the motorway. But how fast is the car to drive and which vehicle is driving from that moment? Google will also be instructed by the user for instructions on the audio through the feature. Speed Trap will also inform the user about the cameras installed on the features of the feature to slow down the speed of the vehicle. According to Google spokesperson, both features will reduce the accidents. Both features of Google are currently introduced in San Francisco, USA, and the UK, but soon they will be able to use all the users.

Advantages of  Using Google Map Application

Anywhere through Google Map can be properly detected, if you want to specify an address, then send a link to the Google Map link and send it. Its method is very easy. Similarly, if you want to go to an address, first of all, connect your mobile to the Internet and then locate the address at the time of view, turn on the turn, and other Google will automatically identify.