How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages – Images Videos Chat

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages 2021

If you deleted your WhatsApp all Data like messages chat images photos don’t take tension in this post I will tell you about how to How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Images Videos Chat. Under this, I described many ways how to retrieve WhatsApp Data Backup, Photos and deleted videos let’s start now. Es post mae aap ko App key WhatsApp Group Ki Picturs, SMS, Videos message agar Delete ho gay ho aap say. To es mae Aap ko complete inforation de gai hai jis ko aap samaj kar apna deleted data dobara wapis recover kar sakty hain.

The popular application of the WhatsApp is in millions of users are growing with each passing day. After the introduction of voice calling features from the WhatsApp, record users of it has been seen. But if you mistakenly delete messages, photos and videos present in it? Of course, you will also get angry on yourself and even try again that some of the delicious content will be returned.

If you accidentally delete WhatsApp messages then how to get them back and how to recover. It is clear that different methods are adopted on different platforms, and this method is for consumers only with Android smartphones. I will tell you about too if you are selling a new one by selling your old mobile and how the chat history and other content are transferred to a new mobile.

How to Recover / Restore The Deleted Messages / Chat From the WhatsApp

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages
How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp automatically makes backups a day in the morning at 4’O clocks and if you have mistakenly deleted a message from the WhatsApp or uninstalled the application. It’s not a matter of annoying because the backup files are still on mobile. You can retrieve those messages just by reinstalling the WhatsApp application. This is the best way to how to retrieve/recover deleted messages/chat from the WhatsApp. Following these steps.

  • Install the WhatsApp by Google Play Store or another Platform.
  • Turn on the WhatsApp application and give your mobile number for login purposes.
  • After a mobile number activation, a screen will appear before you, which will be written: “Message Backup Found” and the two buttons below will be “Restore” “No thanks” below. By clicking on the “Restore” button on this occasion, the WhatsApp will automatically restore your Chat History and you will have the previous messages.

how to restore whatsapp chat

If you do not have a back-up screen in front of it then its reasons may be as follows. 

  • Your memory card or chat history is corrupted and it is not able to restore.
  • Your chat history has become very old.
  • Or you are not using that mobile number if you used to back up it, and if one of them was OK, then there is no way you can store messages.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data From Old Mobile to New Other Mobile Phone

following these step help you to transfer WhatsApp chat data from old Mobile to new or another mobile or smartphone:-

  • First, make backups chat on the WhatsApp application. To do this, press the Menu button and go to Chat Settings and then press the Backup Conversation.
  • If your chat history is safe in the memory card, but this memory card in the new mobile and if it’s on a mobile phone, then connect with a computer via your mobile USB.
  • Go to the WhatsApp folder in the mobile memory and then open the Database folder. Here’s a lot of files made of the WhatsApp, but you have automatically created the backup file name as “msgstore.db.crypt8” or “msgstore.db.crypt7”. Copy this file into your computer.
  • Now install the WhatsApp application in your new mobile and remember that you used it in the old mobile if you use the same number. Once the application is installed, do not open it.
  • Now connect your new mobile to the computer and find the WhatsApp folder in it that the application itself has made while installing. See the Database folder inside it and you can create a self-database folder if this folder is not available. Now, place the backup file that you put in the computer in the Database folder.
  • Now open the WhatsApp and give your phone number. Then you’ll see “Message Backup Found” and the two buttons below will be “Restore” “No thanks” below. Click on the restore and start your chat from where you ended up on the old mobile.

How to Recover Deleted Images and Videos from WhatsApp:

You will also be happy to hear this and be surprised that the photos and videos that are mistakenly deleted by the WhatsApp are not completely deleted and WhatsApp are present in the app’s database folder as long as you have them. Do not delete yourself that’s why it is very easy to get deleted photos and videos from the WhatsApp and it does not even require any special skills or knowledge and you can easily get the videos and pictures by following the following instructions.

Open the WhatsApp folder using the file explorer on your mobile phone. Here you will see different folders, including WhatsApp Audio, Video, Images, and  Voice Notes. As the folder’s name, pictures, videos, and audio messages are available for those who are in-kind forums, and you can find any of the folders you want to recover.

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