Huawei nova 3 Specification Special Feature


Huawei nova 3 Specification Special Feature

Huawei represents the third generation of the nova family – a smartphone Huawei nova 3, equipped with two dual cameras and shooting functions based on artificial intelligence. The cell phone keeps running based on the Kirin 970 processor, has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, and is furnished with a helpful interface EMUI 8.2 in view of Android 8.1.0. Both sides of the case are covered with 3D glasses thanks to which Huawei nova 3 is comfortable in the hand. The bright and clear Full HD + Full View screen with a diagonal of 6.3 inches and a ratio of 19.5: 9 makes the device more comfortable and functional. Among the new uncommonly created shading choices in the lineup showed up slope brilliant violet shading, in which the purple easily transforms into a shade of blue, transforming the cell phone into a snappy gadget that pulls in consideration.
Smartphone Huawei nova 3 received two dual cameras and a whole set of functions for taking pictures based on artificial intelligence. This opens up wide opportunities for users to work in a variety of genres, from selfi to landscape and studio photography. The double front camera Huawei nova 3 comprises of a fundamental module with a goals of 24 MPand an extra 2 MP module. The principle module, outfitted with a focal point with gap f/2.0, serves to catch the photo with greatest detail, and an extra module, furnished with separate sensors, is in charge of transmitting the profundity of the edge. Together, the two modules are able to form a natural and expressive effect, highlighting the subject of photography on a background of a blurred background. In addition, during the shooting of self-portraits, the front camera Huawei nova 3 recognizes more than 200 kinds of different scenes in eight categories, among which “sky”, “greenery” and “beach“, which allows you to choose the optimal set of parameters while adjusting self-portraits.

The fundamental camera Huawei nova 3 comprises of 24 MP monochrome and 16 MP RGB modules. The color module is equipped with a lens of 6 lenses with a f / 1.8 diaphragm. The joint work of the two modules not just enables you to get fantastically sharp pictures, yet additionally opens up wide open doors for altering and picture handling. Amid activity of the primary camera, computerized reasoning in a split second dissects the photo, recognizing in excess of 500 distinct scenes in 22 classifications. A special algorithm recognizes contours of objects, textures, gradients, the nature of the lighting, and applies this information during the processing of the picture, using also the data on the depth of the objects and the scene. It takes into account even the facial expression, the nature of the clothes, the pose and the direction of lighting, helping users to get bright and expressive portraits at the touch of a button.

Huawei nova 3 new features 

In addition to stylish design and camera capabilities, Huawei nova 3 several new features that can make everyday moments easier and more enjoyable. The ambient light sensors allow the device to be unlocked by face detection under all conditions. In order to ensure the work of unlocking at any time of the day, one of the cameras has an infrared sensor, capable of recognizing the owner of the smartphone even in total darkness.

For devotees of computer games and work in different applications with asset concentrated designs, the curiosity got the exclusive illustrations handling innovation GPU Turbo, which is bolstered by the Kirin 970 processor and altogether enhances proficiency and diminishes control utilization of the gadget. In the event that there are issues with the system amid the diversion, Huawei nova 3 rapidly changes to another system, without causing obstruction and deferrals. What’s more, both SIM openings bolster 4G and VoLTE, enabling you to play amusements and make calls all the while. The cell phone is furnished with enlivened 3D Qmoji, which pass on the demeanor of the client’s face, developments, and voice, transforming the message into an individual and innovative message. New enlivened AR characters will add identity to your photographs and recordings.