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Join American WhatsApp Girl Group Link
Join American WhatsApp Girl Group Link

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It is said that there are no boundaries of love. Love is free from age, color and race and the imprisonment of borders. The practical pattern came to see in a recent marriage, where a Muslim girl in Pakistan and a Hindu-based Hindu boy married in a marriage that love is free from the limits and limits of religion.

The story of both of them is called Social Media Users named Lou Story 2016. Before the intention of marriage, Muslim girl Hadi and the Indian boy had been in touch for four years. When both of them heard the decision to get married to their family, the two families refused to accept the relationship when religion and belief were different. Hadi said that the monetary parents had told him either you should stay in this house, get married to this girl.

The impression on which he left his house. Mutiny said that the Muslim belongs to the family, apart from this, my parents had not taken any objection, their first and greatest objection was to belong to another religion. After transferring the parents to the parents, finally their knees knelt in front of this couple, and recently Mannat and Hadi held a wonderful ceremony of their marriage in Dubai, with both parents and close relatives, including their parents. Join Indian WhatsApp Group link only for girls.

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