Iphone Problems Today – iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Charging Issues

Recently Apple iPhone launched new product two iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Some buyers/owner of these products has reported that their handsets not charging properly. iPhone Xs and iPhone XS Max charging issues for iPhone problems today.

Some buyers reported that when they connected to their telephone to accuse of the wired charger, it didn’t charge until the point when they needed to awaken the screen. A few clients said they needed to flip the link before it started to charge. Some reporters on the internet suggested that theses phones do not start charging when there charging cables are plugged in.

iPhone Problem today

The issue appears to happen if the Lightning cable is plugged in but the phone’s screen is off. Instead, users have to wake up or even log into their phone and then plug it in all over again before the phone will actually start powering up its battery. The charging problem is likely to be software related, which may be addressed by Apple in a future software update.

Details about the specific bug have cropped up recently on social media, where some XS and XS Max users have complained of a bug that prevents the devices from charging while plugged in while in “sleep” mode. Over 100 people have also taken to the official Apple support page to report their phones don’t automatically start charging when plugged into the Lightning cable. Instead, some users have found that they need to “wake” the device by tapping it to initiate charging, or unplug the cable and plug it back it. It’s hardly a debilitating issue, but it sounds incredibly obnoxious.

iPhone XS charging issues

There is a proposed settle that says clients should turn on the “USB Accessories” include under “Face ID and Passcode” settings. However, the fix doesn’t seem to be working for everyone. Some have additionally taken their telephone in for a substitution however the substitution units are likewise experiencing a similar issue. So getting a substitution will do you no great.

Apple hasn’t issued an official proclamation yet. The issue is presumably programming related and a refresh will probably be pushed out to settle it.

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