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What is Kerala – Meaning

Kerala (Homosexuality) means abusing or abusing one man from another Girl and Gays. The alternative English term for female homosexuality is lesbianism, which is linked to an island called Lesbian. This island is located in the Aegean Sea, ten miles off the coast of Asia Koch. One of the women responsible for the island’s reputation for homosexuality was Sappho, who lived here in the seventh century BC. Kerala Gay WhatsApp Group Link Join Active and Latest in below.

Just as men get sexual favors from men in a natural way, women can also get sexual favors from women in a natural way. Such women are usually when they find out that their husband has an illicit relationship with another woman. So she frees herself from this bondage, and when she gets married somewhere else, the same situation happens there. In the mind of such a woman there is intense hatred for the man, Tends to be attracted to homosexuality.

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The alternative English term for female homosexuality is lesbianism, which is linked to an island called Lesbian. This island is located in the Aegean Sea, ten miles off the coast of Asia Koch. One of the women responsible for the island’s reputation for homosexuality was Sappho, who lived here in the seventh century BC.

Sexual orientation is thought to occur among people of the same sex like a couple of gay and girl. In England and Wales, it has been legalized under the Statute of Sexual Offenses 1967 under mutual consent. It has also been legalized in many other countries. But in most religions, including Islam, Kerala is unlawful and strictly forbidden and its punishment is severe.

USA Promote Kerala (Homosexual) Marriage 

The United States of America is at the forefront of countries currently active in promoting homosexuality means “Kerala Gay”. US research institutes are also working on this and giving various arguments in favor of homosexuality. In a recent study, US researchers believe that same-sex marriages (Gay to Gay and girl to girl) help to create a healthy environment. Researchers say homosexual men who are tied to marriage are less prone to illness. Because having legal partners get out of the way of gay men. They were victimized for being gay and unable to find a partner.

Most of these countries are now making films on the same subject. As now films on homosexuality (Kerala) are being made in India. Similarly, in Turkey, the “Movie Zenne” is made the subject of a real event. The incident took place in 2008 when a 26-year-old, Ahmed Yields, was shot dead by his father outside his flat in Istanbul because her father couldn’t bear to see his son as a lesbian. The film has been widely criticized by religious groups in Turkey. According to him, the film is propaganda in support of Gay Kerala. The film also won five awards. Produced at a cost of 1M Dollar, the film was financed by the Dutch Embassy.

India Kerala Location And Movie

The publication place Kerala in Indian journal “Entertainment” was launched in July 2011. This magazine goes sale hand-in-hand when it comes to the market. This magazine featured articles on youth and sexual issues, as well as pictures of models wearing underwear and cars. Sonu and Nikesh Indian first Kerala Marriage Gay Couple.

The first trial of its kind in the United Kingdom (UK) is also underway in which three Muslims have been convicted of spreading hatred for homosexuality. The men were accused of distributing written material that said that the death penalty was justified to rid society of homosexual (Kerala) women and men. They were found guilty under the new English law, in which it is a crime to incite people to hate them because of their sexual orientation. The UK created the “Civil Partnership” law in December 2005 to legalize same-sex men and women.

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Watch Pornographic Video Harmful (Bad) for Health

Porn movies can ruin your marital life. Today’s young generation has become addicted to viewing pornographic content on the Internet. And unfortunately, awareness of the horrible consequences of this habit is rare. A recent study has scientifically proven that watching pornographic films creates character flaws. But this habit can also lead to the destruction of the house. Because people who are addicted to pornography gradually lose their sexual orientation. And especially with sexual life, the pleasure of sexual gratification is washed away.

Explaining the details of the disease, Ehrin said that regular dopamine substances “brain dopamine” excels in the minds of those who watch pornography. Because unnatural sex acts are often available for viewing in porn movies. And they give the brain extraordinary stimulation. When you watch this stuff regularly. The brain becomes accustomed to the extraordinary amount of dopamine and the diversity of sex scenes. Dopamine is a substance that produces a sense of sexual pleasure and satisfaction in the brain. Addicted to pornography when close to a spouse. So due to the lack of habitual dopamine and sex scenes, their body and mind appear to be crippled by the desired performance. And they are not able to play the part of the spouse despite want. Nor can they be saved from the torment of dissatisfaction and despair.

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Adult WhatsApp Group Link

Dr. Jamani, who is treating couples with these problems, says that the problem can be solved in the long run if they refrain from responding quickly to pornographic material. But some cases get worse and in this case, the solution cannot be solved without long treatment and treatment. After the appearance of billions of websites full of pornographic content on the internet, the disease of watching live movies Kerala Gay has become alarmingly common. But like any other disease, it has terrible consequences, and a recent Cambridge University study has paid close attention to those results. You can join the adult WhatsApp group link as above.

  • The pornographic movie Benny suffers a mental illness called ‘collage effect’, which the victim is unable to get the sex of his spouse and is looking for fun.
  • Regularly watching pornographic content like Couple Sexual Girls and Boys users become addicted to it as they become addicted to drugs.
  • People who are addicted to this habit spend four to 15 hours a day absorbing it.
  • About 50% of normal pornography moms get rebellious.
  • At a later age, this habit causes physical as well as physical harm to the victim.
  • After prolonged adoption of pornography, temperament and sexual behavior deteriorate.

In pornography, 19% reported speeding ejaculation, 25% lacked sexual orientation, deprivation of ability in 31% and impotence in 34%. Sexual health improved markedly in 60% of people who committed sexual abuse and self-indulgence. General energy and efficiency also increased significantly by 67% of repentant people. Now, the decision is in your hands, whether to continue living in pornography or to enjoy a happy life by repenting.

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