Samsung Announced Foldable Smartphone Launched Date and Price

Samsung’s new Foldable Galaxy Smartphone will be offered for sale on 26th April 2019. According to the details, Samsung’s new Galaxy Smartphone will be offered for sale on April 26 and its value price is approximately $1982. The foreign website looking at the mobile phones claimed that Samsung’s smartphone will be available with bending, which can be closed as a book and most interestingly. There will be two screens in this phone.

Samsung foldable Launch date and price
Samsung foldable Launch date and price

Display size

Samsung puts this screen flexible and it is size 7.3 inches large display, smart device can be turned off as a book, while it opens the tablets.

RAM – Internal Storage

The Samsung Galaxy Foldable iPhone will install 12 GB RAM, 512 GB Internal Storage memory and 7NM octa core powerful power.

Camera’s – Long Powerful Battery

The mobile introduced by the company includes Sniper Dragon Processor and having long 6000 MaH Battery, while its screen is 7.3 inches and 2 cameras in the mobile, one of which is primary 12 megapixel and Front Risk 8 Megapixels.

Available Color

According to the Samsung Administration, the Foldable Phone will be presented in black, silver, green and blue colors.

New Best Features

Three applications can be run simultaneously in this tablet’s mode. User makes Video Chat, Facebook browsing and WhatsApp at the same time.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Foldable is approximately $1982