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Learn the English Language – It’s important in routine life

English has a powerful meaning of the expression. Today English one of the most powerful and valuable effective instrument of expression, It is a language which is a rich subtitle and capable of expressing my nude shades of beating there is no other language in the world which has a rich vocabulary than English. You will consider that Hindi is there yes we all speak Hindi but English has taken up words not only from French but from German from Hindi from Sanskrit and even from China so there is an amalgamation in the vocabulary of English. It is said that every year ten thousand new words are added to the English dictionary it drops with new life.

Learn english online free course
Learn English online free course

English as a World Language – International language

Secondly, it’s an international currency of speech it occupies the unrivaled position is a world language. It caters to world trade and commerce it plays a vital role in social interaction and diplomacy. It’s a language of all political conferences economic treaties and scientific discourses. One cannot think of any international meeting or organization without calling upon English to help different countries and nations to come together. It is very true it’s a language spoken in the whole of USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Island, West-Indies, South Africa and is the major written language in Burma Malaysia East and West Africa.

Scientific Keywords and Advance Learning 

So I think you can see how important it is. It is also a key to scientific knowledge and advanced link pick up and mobile technology, internet, and gadget the instruction is in English along with the manufactured country’s language by what is the reason behind it. You can only guess it the reason is simple everyone knows English that English is a language of scientific knowledge everyone is able to understand. It also there is the easy language the Hindi is also rich in its vocabulary but many scientific words are still struggling for the coinage to replace English words then you have read books prayers and news reports. See most of the pages on the web are in English.

English Most Popular in Websites, Books, News Reports, Press

There are over a billion pages of information it is amazing that learning just one language gives you access to almost all the knowledge on the internet see this is the very good reason for you to learn English. Secondly, a book on any subject from all over the world read books by British or American scholars or Indian scholars who have been written in English or the books translated from other languages in English. Whatever you are interested in you can read about it in English. So you have easy access you think about the book you open your net and you are able to read it then press. We have our daily newspapers in all vernacular languages in our regional languages in our national language but still only English language magazines and newspapers can be both in any part of the world go to America, China, Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka but if you want to be part or you want you to have the information which newspaper will you pick up English.

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English Language Conversation- Interactive and connective with each other’s

So you have access to it and again interactive and connective language English is known as an interactive language a connective language. You can connect people you have friends from abroad from any local corner of the world you can come across you can communicate your feel your ideas your opinion you can discuss with them. You can chat with them. You can send emails through them because through English you are able to learn your life and the culture through others and about yourself.

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