Lenovo Foldable Laptop PC – 24 hrs Battery Time

Lenovo Foldable Laptop PC
Lenovo Foldable Laptop PC

World First Foldable Laptop – 24 hrs Battery Time

According to the details, during the launch of Orlando, Lenovo introduced the first foldable laptop that can be folded after use. Lenovo introduced a unique laptop with computer and laptops with other electronics accessories manufacturers, which can be folded.

Foldable Laptop Launch Date

The touchscreen keyboard is given below the screen, while it can also be connected to the keyboard and the mouse. Its first glimpse of the company has been offered, while it is likely to be offered in the market by 2020. Foldable computer machine was not named by the company, but Lenovo presented it under the Think-pad X-ray 1 Brand. In this case, a video was also shared on YouTube, which can be seen that its display 13 inches two laptops are connected, while its touch screen is placed.

Fold-able laptops can be made computer and laptops simultaneously; its screen can also be opened on a desktop computer, while it can be folded to a tablet or laptop.

24 hrs Huge Battery Time 

Lenovo’s spokesman claimed that laptops battery is very powerful compared to others and it can be used for continuous 24 hours huge battery time.