LG OLED55B8PLA Review – Specs – Price 4k OLED

LG OLED55B8PLA – Review 

The full name of my model is LG OLED 55B8PLA 55 inch 4k . On sale, there is also a cheaper LG OLED55B8SLB TV. The difference in models in a more powerful dynamics in the PLA-version and support for Dolby Atmos. Personally, I decided to overpay for PLA, since I do not use external acoustics. But if you have a home theater at home, then it is quite possible to take the SLB version. LG also has a more expensive C-series, my colleague, the model of the previous generation C7, as I understood, is the main difference between the C-series in a more powerful stuffing, so that the interface works even faster. I did not use the C-series, but for me, the speed in the B-series was enough.


I can’t stand the light indicators and at first, I was very upset when I saw a burning red light bulb under the display. Such a trifle is unlikely to be turned off, I thought with regret, but I found the corresponding item in the settings! How nice that LG added it. In the reviews on Ya.Market I read that the model does not have HDMI 2.1, but so far I have not had the need for this interface.

LG OLED55B8PLA  55 inch 4k – Specs

Display55-inch , OLED, 4K HDR, 3820 x 2160 pixels
DimensionsWith stand 1228 x 752 x 220 mm, weight 17.8 kg

Without stand 1228 x 707 x 47 mm, weight 16.3 kg

Operating SystemWebOs
Connectivity Connectivity AV, HDMI x4, USB x3, RS-232, Ethernet (RJ-45) connectors and ports
CommunicationsWireless interfaces Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, WiDi, Miracast

Price – LG OLED55B8PLA Smart TV approximately $1345

I do not know about you, but over the years I have become more demanding of technology, I treat drawbacks more meticulously, and in order to please me, the gadget must be close to the ideal, every little thing begins to annoy. Of course, buying such an expensive TV, I was very worried that something would go wrong. That the system will slow down, that there will be broken pixels, that the eyes will get tired of the OLED, but anything could not please!

LG has an animation of fireworks on a black background in standby mode, so, if you look at it in the dark, you get the feeling that fireworks are appearing right on the wall. If a good display of black just looks like a very dark gray, then perfect black looks like there is nothing at all in this place. This is an amazing feeling, and I finally understand everyone praising this moment. Alas, in photographs this effect does not convey.

Smart TV – LG OLED 55

I have always been very skeptical of “smart TVs.” I have never had such a technique, but I saw a lot of reviews on the network, where people complained about long downloads, slow work, illogical interface and other Smart TV LG OLED TV 4K glitches in general and webOS in particular. I admit honestly, I was very afraid that I would remain disappointed with this moment on TV, and I was preparing for the worst. But it turned out that modern webOS is a fairly fast and functional shell with many convenient little things. Walk through the main points that I liked.

You should start with YouTube. For a long time, I assumed that you can only send videos to a TV using Chromecast or Apple TV, it turned out that Google integrated the content broadcast into its own applications for smart TVs. How it happens: you open the video on your phone, press the broadcast button and select the TV. The YouTube app opens on TV and playback starts. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of opening a specific video, the TV can simply launch the YouTube main page, but if you click on the playback from the smartphone again, the desired video begins to load. I must say that watching YouTube on the big screen – this is a completely different level of comfort. Personally, I rarely watched YouTube because of the fact that it was just inconvenient to sit at a computer for watching a video for 20-40 minutes. And then you can comfortably lie on the bed and look at a few videos.

Remote Controller – Features

Included with the TV is a remote with a gyroscope, and for me, it was a pleasant surprise. Pressing the appropriate button activates the cursor, and you can control the settings or the application with it. The console is well calibrated, and the cursor accurately follows the movement of your hand. And to scroll the content on it there is a special wheel, as in a mouse. LG added a separate button for a quick launch of ivi, and I did not find how to reassign it in the settings, I personally would like to launch YouTube on it. I also liked that the power button is embossed, it is easy to grope, even in the dark. Among the shortcomings of the remote, I will single out the lack of button illumination.


After that, it was necessary to determine the specific model. And then I realized that I was still getting old. If a few years ago I would love to plunge into the study of the lineup from Samsung, LG, and Sony and make an informed choice, now I just wanted with a minimum of effort to buy a guaranteed good model. In the end, I just took the same TV as the person who spent the time. Yegor, if you read, thank you very much! Also, such long throwing helped to better understand people who are too lazy to read the entire review, but who want to see the most important information in the conclusion. Once again, I made sure that our conclusions were written as it should.