Mr. Kim Dotcom Announces – Alternative of Facebook – New Social Network

Mr. Kim Dotcom said Facebook and Twitter as state-owned elements, saying that now it’s time to improve. Internet Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced to bring a new social network as an alternative to Facebook. Mr. Kim Dotcom has violated the copyright laws and facing the case of fraud by the New Zealand government, and the Kivi authorities are also demanding a referral from the United State of America (USA).

facebook alternative Mr Kim Dotcom
facebook alternative Mr Kim Dotcom

He has been tweeting for this new website and invited the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, founder of the CIA representative and the German Hacker Association. In his tweet, he said that the alternative platform will have genuine privacy protection and zero sensitivity. All social media networks have learned over time and Facebook and Twitter have recently learned some lessons and have to learn newcomer media as well.

Kim Dotcom has also held a search pool on Twitter regarding this, in which he questioned his 732,000 followers about Twitter. 89% of the respondents answered in yes.

Professor Alan Woodward Cyber Security Officer of Surrey University, Guildford, United Kingdom said that the problem is confident. Do you trust more than Twitter and Facebook runners on low comedy and Julian Hundreds?