New Update IPhone Price | Great News for Customers

Tim Kick, head and Chief Executive of the Apple (iPhone), says new updates and great news for our customers the price of his most famous product iPhone can be reduced in few countries, keeping in view the sale of the most famous. According to Apple’s latest financial analysis, revenue from iPhone has decreased by 15% compared to the previous financial quarter. According to Apple’s latest financial analysis, iPhone is the most profitable product of the company.

iPhone new update low price
iPhone new update low price

According to the British news agency, the company’s overall income has dropped by five percent compared to the previous year and the revenue is around $ 84 billion worth. This situation was already predictable because the company had notified the investors at the beginning of the current month that the income would be less than expected and $ 84 billion.

The company has termed economic slowdown in the partially responsible China of this situation. However, Tim Cook also said that the customers are also facing difficulties due to the expensive prices taken by the company.

Apple’s head said and give great news about iPhone customers that the dollar was due to strengthening the economy due to the strength of the remaining currencies.

The countries are expensive and its effect is on sales of these products in these markets. According to Tim Cook, Apple is re-determining its mobile phone prices from around the month so that consumers can be avoided by the impact of currencies. We have taken steps for some products according iPhone new updates and some places in January that they will absorb currency remittances compared to last year.