Ask Head of Social Media on Sharing New Zealand Mosque Attack’s Video on Social Media

New Zealand Mosque Attack Video removes social media Church
New Zealand Mosque Attack Video removes social media Church

US Interior Security Committee writes a letter to Heads of Social Medias to remove video regarding the attack on New Zealand’s mosque from all social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Recently New Zealand Tragedy video sharing on social media are expensive for heads of the social media websites Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Ask the head of social media website on the video broadcasting on the Cristist Church on social media.

According to the foreign news agency, the US Interior Security Committee summoned the social media headers in New Zealand to directly broadcast the terrorist attack on the mosque and uploaded to the social networks. Chairman of the US Interior Security Committee, Banen Thomson, ordered to Committee to arrange the arrangements and measures to prevent such videos in the letter written by the heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Make sure to remove such content from social media owners and responsible social websites as per the text of the letter and not share such videos in the future.

It is clear that a few days ago, Australian militants killed 50 worshipers in the two mosques of New Zealand, including killing 9 Pakistanis citizen’s also. It was believed that terrorists were arrested to try to move towards the third target after firing in two mosques, a police officer will be punished in a few days.

Remember that today the funeral prayer of two Pakistani citizens has been released and they are buried in the New Zealand graveyard.