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The story of the Parizaad is a tangled love story that deviates from the traditional love story. Ahmed Ali Akbar is playing the role of Parizaad in this. Ahmed Ali Akbar is a poor man as well as being black in color. At first, he falls in love with Ashna Shah but later he falls in love with Urva. The story of the play goes on in a very sweet way and keeps the viewers hooked. In this play, Saboor Ali is playing the role of supporting actress, but this time she looks different from the traditional style. Fans of Navarre have loved this style of his. To enjoy the drama more, watch the drama serial PariZad.

Watch Parizaad Last Episode Online

Story of Parizaad

The story of this play is centered on the ‘fairy child’, but the color in it is the woman who comes into his life. Who begins to trust him because of his simple nature. Each of these women has a different story of their own, but all these women have in common the value that they are all victims of some social oppression and want to be free. Parizaad is actually looking for true and sincere love, which he could not find in his family, many women came into his life and due to his simple nature he also became his friend, but the search continues Remained.

For the second time in his life, Saima alias Babli comes and agrees to marry him. Saima is a masculine girl who behaves like a boy, so her parents are worried about her marriage. In such a situation, the ‘fairy child’ understands her psychological confusion and entertains her and thus Babli agrees to marry him but only one night before she leaves home and runs away to Karachi and thus her marriage. The dream remains unfulfilled.