Priya Prakash Latest Upcoming Movie Sri Devi Bangla

According to Indian media reports, Priya Prakash revealed the release of her upcoming Bollywood movie Sri Devi Bangla trailer on the occasion that she recently met Ranveer Singh at a function and told her that she was a great fan.  Priya Prakash said that she wanted them to be cast in Samba, and she had many requests for casting in the movie, I wish she could be true.

Priya Prakash Latest Upcoming Movie
Priya Prakash Latest Upcoming Movie

In response to a question, she said that Bollywood actors Sarah Ali Khan, Jyawhpur Kapoor, Aliya Bhatt, and Sharadha Kapoor are senior and well-known actors. Priya Prakash said that she did not want to compete with the actors in the film industry, but she wants to get a place in the industry like them.

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It is clear that the instructions of Priya Prakash’s first buddy movie, Sri Devi Bangla are also giving Mulim Director Pyarat Mumbai, and the film has been prepared with a budget of Rs 70 crores. In the short trailer released by Sri Devi Bangla, Priya Prakash has been shown in the role of Sri Devi, at the end of the taser, she is also seen dead in the bathtub like Sri Devi.

Remember that in February last year, video of Virika Prashash’s Malayalam movie and movie songs Manika Malaria Pavi was a video viral which made Priya Prakash a star overnight.