Latest update Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG banned in Indian Due to

A Game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Famous with named PUBG banned in Indian city named Rajkot, there are thirty million users around the world. PUBG Game is wandering the limits of its reputation these days. The game made by the South Korean Company is played on mobile and experts say it slowly developed intrusted for the player. The ban’s decision is the cause of this game that has been happening on social media last days. Manoj Agarwal Commissioner of the Indian city of Rajkot announced to ban this game and saying that this. India is one of country that too added in PUBG ban list.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Banned in Indian
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Banned in Indian

Before this PUBG has also been banned in the city of Surat and ban will be implemented on 14 of March. The Gujarat government has written a letter to the Federal Government for a complete ban on this mobile application. Regarding the emerging reservations gaming company of PUBG has stated that it is working with parents, specialists and government to make their game more responsive. At present, there are thirty million users worldwide.

Remember in the past Blue Wheel and Momo games have caused civilian casualties. PUBG is a game different from those games in its composition but its negative effects are clearly visible.

After the ban, this game will come under the Act of Indian Government Act in 188, which allows anyone to complain to the person playing this game and may also be punished by the person involved in playing the game. Last day, a man traveling in Jammu Kashmir train damaged himself after the failure of the game. In another incident, a young man committed suicide only that his father did not allow him to buy a mobile for a pocket. Was it Indian parents expressed their grave reservations on this game. A mother had also asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban the game directly. Parents say this game is making their children addicted to their children, and they are going to be aggressive.

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