PUBG Video Game Updates – Added More Features in “Season 5”

Added New Features Added in PUBG

Season 5 of the game PUBG, which is being played on smartphones and computers, is undergoing a trailer video. As seen in the video released by the PUBG administration, Season 5 featured modern guns, a vending machine for purchase, and a new vehicle.

Added More Features in “Season 5”

A spokesman for PUBG said that overall we added a new map to Season 5, plus added race tracks, jumping, signboards, golden marathon cars, and other modern guns will be of more interest. With the new update, the injured player will soon be able to be treated while the guns can be changed quickly. According to PUBG’s administration, the injured player can get pain medication and energy drinks by pressing the Interact button from the vending machine.

The player who won the game will be given a new mission along with a prize chicken dinner. In addition, PUBG Season 5 also included interfaces, filters, short cases, store updates and firing displays. According to the PUBG’s administration, Season 5 is currently undergoing a trial, which will be available to all users at end of October and they will be able to play it on the computer as well.

PUBG Season 5 Rewards

The game has two teams competing, ranging from one player to 100 players, connecting to the Internet. Players from both teams first look for weapons by landing on the ship and then firing at the front. The winner is given a “Chicken Dinner” in honor of the player. Remember that the number of players playing the mobile phone’s leading game “PUBG” is increasing day by day, as the company has confirmed in the past.

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