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SUPERSTAR Full Movie Story

The Pakistani movie SUPERSTAR is the story of a love affair, where to go to fulfill your dreams to go faster and then back down for love. Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf’s movie Superstar is a simple story of love. The essence is that Sameer Khan (Bilal Ashraf) is the superstar of Pakistani films while Noor Malik (Mahira Khan) works in a theater which his grandfather Agha Jan (Nadeem Baig).

Mahira Khan Pakistani Movie Superstar

Agha Jan is a great film Director in the past but he has limited himself to the theater only. Noor wants to work in movies and in the same strategy, she works in small TV commercials. Suddenly she has a big commercial and Sameer meets her there. Soon they love each other.

Director Muhammad Ehteshamuddin

Director Ehteshamuddin has worked on every frame of the film. The climax is not good in Pakistani films, it is a general impression, but the climax of this film is its most interesting place. So the “Pakistani Movie Superstar” is a complete romantic story. Where love, joy, sorrow, tears, contemplation, uncertainty, trustworthiness, deceit are all that is the perfect gift for the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, a movie that will foster the love you have inside.

Mahira Khan (Noor Malik) Main Role in Superstar Movie

If we talk about acting then, of course, Mahira Khan has answered her critics with her work. This role of Noor is certainly the best character of Mahira Khan’s career to date, in which she has made a living, innocent and full of life in many scenes. There are ups and downs in Noor’s life, especially in the role of a theater actor in a movie in which he becomes a mustache inspector and sometimes a magician. And the journey ahead of his life from there, so in every scene he surprised viewers and explained why he is a superstar. He impressed with his acting, not his personality. Watching this movie will make you love Mahira Khan once again.

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Sameer Khan Role in Superstar Movie

Sameer Khan is the Son of a great industrialist Zulfiqar Khan (Javed Sheikh) who doesn’t like to work in films. They want to put it in business with them. Sameer’s mother, Laila Khan (Marina Khan), is a popular film actress who inherited her passion for films. In short, one day Sameer goes to see the theater of light with his mentor friend Shaan (Ali Kazmi). Shaan decides to cast him in his first film with Sameer Khan, were seeing his excellent acting. Up to this point, the story is quite traditional but attractive. And from this point onwards, the story brings an unconventional and interesting twist when Sameer’s self-interest pulls it to the other side.

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The first few minutes of the film move the story a bit slowly. But then the momentum picks up and the magic of the cinema begins. Directed by Muhammad Ehteshamuddin, the story of a boy girl’s love cast the magic of cinema and the screenplay of Azaan Sami Khan added more color to it.

Item Song “Dharak Bharak” Kubra Khan

kubra khan item song Dharak Bharak

Interestingly, Indian singer Raktima Mukherjee sang “Dharak Bharak” while Indian singer “Sunidhi Chauhan” sang “Noori”. This is very important in the context of the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India. Besides songs “Anjaana” and “In Dinon” are sung one of Pakistan’s most popular singers by Atif Aslam. So if this movie has a backstage superstar then it is Azaan Sami Khan. Item song Dharak Bharak picturizes on Kubra Khan.

Bilal Ashraf Proof Romantic Hero

On the other hand, Bilal Ashraf for the first time did a great job as a romantic hero. Bilal has worked hard to make his body workout for this film but he has limited it to only one song. Apart from Dharak Barak, all his emphasis was on his acting and his love for Khan on screen, which was his greatest achievement. The fact is that on the big screen of the cinema, Bilal Ashraf has taken away Mahira Khan from Fawad Khan. They are both becoming the new and most successful duo of cinema, with their chemistry both endearing and admirable. The biggest proof of which is the film’s song “Be Karan” which has been filmed on both of them. Another proof of this is about 20 seconds between friends in another song.

Superstar Movie Turn

Nadeem Baig has played a very important role in the screenplay written by Azaan Sami Khan. And as always, Nadeem Sahib played it extremely well. But maybe this is the first time in 10 years that a part of a song has been filmed on Nadeem Sahib, which will open the window for you. Nadeem’s most interesting is with seen Javed Sheikh, in which he meets each other as the father of Noor Malik and Javed Sheikh as a father of Sameer Khan. Here the story takes place in an inspiring location and answers many unanswered questions.

Mahira Khan Sister Alizeh Shah Rule as (Chuthki)

While the superstar has sealed the credentials of Mahira Khan’s star, Pakistani cinema has given another superstar in the form of Bilal Ashraf. However, it would be very important to mention Alizeh Shah, who plays Mahera Khan’s sister Chuthki in the film, which made the cinema screen feel refreshed. Alizeh Shah died in her haste as a result of her strange sentences and bankruptcy. So it would not be strange to say that this movie has also given a rising star.

Superstar Movie Songs Music by Azaan Sami Khan

At the same time, the film also features Kuba Khan’s item song, Syra Shehroz, and Hania Aamir as guest stars, which increase the film’s taste. If we talk about the music of the film, there are seven songs in the film despite the duration of the film is only two hours 15 minutes. The music for the film is composed of Azaan Sami Khan sone of Famous Singer Adnan Sami Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar. Where there are “Dharak Bharak” like as Noori “Dance Numbers” and including too Jazz style “Doston” songs here.

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