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The story of The Doing King is different from the fact that its main character dreams of ‘Mango’ donkey gaining a high place in comparison to other animals. He is a smash, and former Indian captain MS Dhoni understands his own kind of smoke. In his opinion, where Donald Trump’s White House is, the city’s name is not Washington, Washing Town means dhobi ghaat.

The prince of the jungle is lion and prince and Prince likes to post his son Shahzada to post on Facebook and Instagram. He is entitled to live ‘Lex’ on the visitors. There are also donkeys besides donkeys in Jiang, There are wolves too, there are brown, elephants and foxes too. All of them are also the followers of the jungle and the faithful also.

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Twist comes to the story when the jungle of the jungle wants to be ruled out of the state due to pain in the knees, and with its advisor special fox, why not social media princesses be given a whirlpool. And he advises the old princess to choose the Raja from the prince by the democratic style.Free Download the donkey king Pakistani movie.

Superstar Movie Full Story – Mahira Khan – Kubra Khan

Due to this multi-functional role of Mango, the old tiger is free from the cage imprisonment, and they agree on the rule of the forest and the other wildlife .Lion decorates the crown of ruins on the head of Mango with its hands and again in the forest That old age of peace comes back.


Artists Played Role in Movie Donkey King 

Mango’s role has been played by Jan Rambo. The fox role played by Hina Dilpazir, Wrestler is Ismail Tara, Ghulam Mohi ud din is the King of Janglal. The role of the son of the King of Badshah is played by Adeel Hashmi, while Bhalu Uncle is Shabir Jan. There is an Irfan Khosat wearing a TPP whose voice can be distinguished separately. free children movie download Pakistani. Cartoon movie free download for children. Donkey king Cartoon free movie download for kids.

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