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If you like to watch movies and want to see fresh movies for FREE, you should visit the “TodayPK” Website. In which you can download HD Hollywood Movie in Hindi Dubbed you can also watch latest Punjabi movies and Tamil HD Movies Download, Todaypk website also provide Telugu Movies on your choice and also present  Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Pakistani new Punjabi movies. You can also watch live online movies on this most popular website today pk movies and you can also download many movies in HD results.

Todaypk – Download Hollywood English HD Movies in Hindi Dubbed Free

Ordinary people see the same movies as much as possible and well-being through the media, but there are good movies of Hollywood in Hindi dubbed that are also available on the Todaypk website, which is not promoted, though they are very spectacular. We are here to list some of the films in the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia and other countries, which should have been seen in 2018, but they were seen less.

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Hollywood Movie “Widows” 2018

The Crime Thriller movie “Widows” was released at the end of this year 2018. However, he could not find such a reputation, as well as his story. This movie is a story of 4 widows’ struggles, who now decide to pursue their fate and life when their criminal husbands are killed during a crime. The film is being influenced by the British Crime Drama in that name. Made, his instructions were Steve McQueen.

Watch Online Movie “The Favourite” 7StarHD

The Hollywood movie ” The Festival ” consists of the story of the British royal family, in the film, the 17th century Queen walks around the story of Britain’s N, although the film has shown history, politics, and its European conditions, However, comedy has also been shown in this style. The film’s instructions were directed by Yorgos Lanthimos when her story was written by Deborah Davis and Tony Mc Samara. In this movie, Olivia Coleman played the role of Queen UK, When Rachel Weisz played Sarah Chancellor of his best and influential friend.

Best Movie 2018 “A Private War”

Inspired by Arash Amel’s article written in the showbiz magazine Vienna Fair, directed by Matthew Heineman, written by Marie Brenner. The story of the Crime Thriller, History drama film, was reported in the British Woman Photographic Marie Colvin’s struggle and coverage during Syria. Families not only show the professional life of my Cologne, but also the Middle East civil war has been shown.

“Today PK” Hollywood Movie “The Neighbor 2018” HD Download

The story of the romantic Thriller drama films a young man of a young age and a teenage couple who lives in her neighborhood. In this film where young people are showing a married couple and showing some personal problems. In this movie, the person of the old age has also been shown in the love of a young married lady. The film’s instructions have been given by Aaron Harvey when her story was written by Aaron Harvard and Richard Byard, although the film’s shooting was completed in 2016, it was released this year 2018.

22 July Hollywood Movie Watch Online – TodayPK

Thriller crime history drama is based on the 22 July story of European country Norway on a series of terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011, killing about 80 people. This attack is near the Norwegian Prime Minister’s office in Oslo. And in another city with a break of 2 hours, and the attacks had shaken Europe, including Norway. The story of this movie 22 July is out of the book written on the same attacks, its instructions have been given by Paul Greengrass. This film was released in the cinemas after releasing the movie streaming Netflix.

“Hunter Killer” Movie Download Hollywood Hindi Dubbed

Well, in fact, Russia and America are strongly opposed to each other, but the story of this movie tells something else. The “Hunter Killer” Hollywood Movie is a story of an American navy captain who meets some of his colleagues, from a general the directives of the kidnapped Russian President. The directives of the film based on the horrific events and the rescue operations are directed by Donovan Marsh.

Tamilrockers – Latest Tamil HD Movies Free Download 

Sunny Leone, a popular actor in Bollywood, will work in Tamil movies. Her first Tamil film is “Veeramadevi” in which she will appear in a strong role in a warrior woman. Sunny says he is very excited to work in the Tamil movie (Tamilrockers).  He has also shared the name of the film on the social contact account. Sunny recited her fans to work in the Tamil film in a video message. This video is gaining popularity on the Internet. Sunny Leone has also trained martial arts and adolescents for the Tamil movies to play HD. This film of the Sunny Leone will be released in many local languages.

Telugu Movies – Malayalam – Download Bengali – Online Gujarati Movie

India’s film industry is called the world’s largest entertainment industry, here are Hindi films, including Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil and other local languages, including Gujarati. According to the estimate, there are more than two thousand films of languages; this number is doubled by Hollywood movies. Most people estimate the success of the movies with their earnings, but the fact is that the best film does not have to be so much earned.

There are hundreds of films in the Bollywood movie, who did not earn good but remember the people for many years because of the story, acting, and music. Many similar movies were released in the year 2018, which even though 100 No place made in crore clubs, but they succeeded in impressing film critics due to their story of acting. The following films are such that they belong to seeing, they should have seen, but many fans could not see them.

TodayPK  Download Bollywood Movie “Andhadhun”

Bollywood movie “Andhadhun” is considered to be the best film of the year to be the best film, not only its cast, but the best script of the film, the film proved that if the script is strong and the actor is fully responsible for the film If you play a role, the small budget produced on a small budget can prove to be successful. Flam blind writing story is based on a young boy who is a piano expert, who is a piano expert, and acted, by the actor, Ayushmann Khurana. The film played an important role in the movie, and the film’s instructions were given by Sriram Raghavan.

“Badhaai Ho” Indian 7Starhdmovies

The story of “Badhaai Ho” was based on a very serious topic, which has been made to produce some movie until today. Even in this film, emotional and emotional film, Ayushmann Khurrana played an important role. The story of a movie is a 25-year-old it turns around, which gives a lot of embarrassment to hear about the news of its mother’s pregnancy and removes herself from them. In the movie, Nina Gupta gave Ayushmann Khurrana’s mother while Sanya Malhotra gave the role of Ayushmann Khurrana’s girlfriend. The film made in the instructions of Amit Ravindernath Sharma was only Rs 29 crore Indian rupees, but he has released 221 from the release.

Watch Online Movie “Padmaavat” on 4k Video

At the beginning of 2018, “Padmaavat”, which appeared at the beginning of the year, was released in cinemas after facing several conflicts and immediately proved to be box office. The story of this movie, made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, was based on the story of Rani Padmavati, her husband, Maharawal Ratan Singh played by Shahid Kapoor and the cruel King Alauddin Khilji. In Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor played the main role and three of the actors the work was exhausted. This film was intended to be released in December last year 2018, but due to the controversy on film subject, its release was postponed, while film directors and main actress there was also threats of murder.

Indian Bollywood Film (Movie) 2018 “Stree”

The Bollywood film “Stree” 2018, which was directed by Amar Kaushik was also counted in the year’s successful films. The interesting and unique story of this movie was made in the hearts of people,  Rajkummar Rao in the film based on horror and comedy Paid. The film’s story, actress and dialogues received all the blessings. The film produced on the budget of Rs 23 to 24 Crore earned Rs 181 Crore  Indian rupees on the box office.

“Sanju” Best Movie on Life of Sanjay Dutt – Todaypk Download

The Bollywood film 2018 “Sanju” was made on the controversial life of actor Sanjay Dutt, in which Ranbir Kapoor made the main role of Sanjay Dutt. The film’s script was also appreciated; while Sanjay Dutt of Ranbir Kapoor was screened on the screen the highest command was received. Film instructions were renowned by the director Rajkumar Hirani, while the film also did wonderful business at the box office.

 Bollywood Movie 2018 “Raid” 300mb

This film “Raid” of 2018 is based on the life of a brave income tax office, which kills a large politician. The film’s instructions were directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, in which the main character Ajay Devgn mentioned. Not only did the script of the film be found, but Ajay Devgn’s acting also got the best of analysts and fans. The film also did wonderful business at the box office, while the other cast of the movie was also appreciated.

Indian Movie 2018 “Not Out 102”

According to the 102 most outstanding movie debut, this year’s most fascinating film, which was the first two actors of the past, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor played the role of father and son. The story of the movie also liked, while comedy and emotional moments between the old father’s son were liked very well. The film’s instructions were given by Umesh Shukla.

Best Indian Film “Simmba” Watch on TodayPK

By the way, Ranveer Singh’s film Simmba was released this month 2018, but released on the hearts of analysts and fans as soon as the release was released. The movie is being directed by Arvind Sridhar as the best film ever since. Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan were also appreciated.

Todaypk Movie in HD “Pakistani” Movies  

The Pakistani film providers very positive for the film industry, that year, many brilliant movies were presented in the cinemas. In these films, many of the most famous actors of Pakistan have worked. In these movies, not only the tale stories were presented, but in many movies, the strongest role of women was also shown here. It is also noted that films have been increased in the film industry along with the passing time, many movies this year, many of which are popular in the audience.

Most Earning Pakistani Film “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2”

The film “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2” is Pakistan’s most earning film, which was then presented the year 2018 on Eid Ul Azha in the cinemas and was released for the contestants of the movie, but the film left behind all the other movies. The film comedy and romance story influenced the audience. But it would certainly be unfair to appreciate the best performance of the castle of the movie. The film Hamayun Saeed, Vasih Chaudhary and Ahmad Ali Butt did work but due to Hamza Ali Abbasi, the film was cast to Fahid Mustafa, which is definitely producer and director of the film. The best decision was proved.

The comedy present in Pakistani Film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani forced the audience to laugh not only, but by giving each actor a great role. The comedy film, which came in 2015, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani was a secular, and it would not be wrong to say this movie the best movie of the year.

Watch Online Movie “Load Wedding” Free – Today Pk

This year 2018 “Load Wedding” directed by Nabeel Qureshi and producer Faisal Ali Mirza, which included Fahid Mustafa and Mahwish Hayat’s main role? If it is said about the film Load Wedding, it is a movie that would have got as much importance as many big movies; maybe it would have been wrong if it was Pakistan’s most acclaimed film today. The wedding had to face the censorship of cinemas during the festival, due to which the other releases were given more importance to the movies, but according to the cinema owners, film marketing was weakened, due to which it was presented on a low screen.

“Teefa in Trouble” Full Movie 2018 Online

The Pakistani Movie 2018 “Teefa in Trouble” was the Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar’s debut film of his country. Ali Zafar had received the title of Bollywood in his films and that is why people from his film. There were a lot of expectations, and Ali Zafar came to fulfill the expectations. Ali Zafar, Maya Ali played the main role in Teefa in trouble movie, both of them performed well as well as the duo. The film Teefa in Trouble came when the singer accused Ali Zafar about harassment, after which many demonstrated against the film. Despite this, Ali Zafar’s movie box office proved to be successful, while keeping its success, the cinemas presented it to the screens for a long time. The film was appreciated by Ali Zafar’s work, while comedy and romance story also appreciated.

Pakistani Movie Download “Cake” on TodayPK Website

The film has gained popularity not only in Pakistan but also around the world. The story of Fake Cake rotates around a family, which looks full of many small controversies, however, due to the emotional, comedy and romantic scenes in the movie. The film was featured unique to other films. The film’s cast included Sanam Saeed, Muhammad Ahmed, Faris Khalid, Beo Zafar, Hira Hussain, and Amina Sheikh.

The movie’s greatest beauty, its story was to be simple and easy, no scandal was given to popularize it, no item song was added in this movie, nor was any other type of resonance tested. The present movie was presented for the exhibition and the result was a positive result, the film got proportionate attraction and likelihood in Pakistani and global media. The Cake’s cast was also praised for his great performance, while one of the films The emotional moments of the family were also liked especially. This film made in the instructions of Asim Abbasi was internationally No awards were also received.

Pakistani Best Movie 2018 “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”  

When the film was announced to be “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”, people did not expect that the film would get a great deal on the box office. One reason for this was that many such films have been before Pakistan Cinemas have been presented for exhibitions that have not done a good business at all. But the flight has come to see something after the release of the movie, the film not only earned a huge earning on the box office but it was positive for the analysts. The receivers were also received.

In the movie, emotions like romance, comedy, and emotions have been presented and that is why the Pakistani viewers went to watch a large number of movie cinemas. Hania Aamir, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahmed Raza Mir was played the main role in the movie cast. The act was greatly appreciated, while the story was liked as well

Donkey King Pakistani Animated Movie 2018 – TodayPK

Donkey King is called Pakistan’s best-animated film, it will not be wrong. The story of this film is based on a donkey of a jungle, which makes a foxy fox a jungle under its conspiracy, which seems like this Donkey will not do anything for the forest. However, there is something else. Many of the famous actors of the film have played songs for the characters, including actors like Hina Dilpazir, Afzal Khan, Javaid Sheikh, and Adeel Hashimi. The main character of the movie, Mango Mango Jan Mango, was not only among the children but also in the growers.

“Motorcycle Girl” Download Pakistani Movies

The “Motorcycle Girl” definitely did not succeed so much as it was, as many other releases were released this year 2018 in Pakistan, but the movie made in Adnan Sarwar’s instructions must touch the hearts of people. Ali Kazimi, Samina Pirzada, Sarmad Khost. The audience not only praised the performance of the actors in the movie but also liked the story of a tale. The “Motorcycle Girl” is the story of a daughter who is the father of her father. Pakistan’s northern areas meet the dream of visiting a bike and to do so there are many issues to face. In this film women also got problems related to society.

“Parchi” Movie Made by Pakistani

In this movie “Parchi” it seems less likely to see a woman doing the action, but in the movie slip, the film actress Hareem Farooq presented a strong role in acting more than the other actors. If people wondered in their unique way, many viewers also expected to act better than them. The performance of other castes in Parchi Pakistani Movie was also appreciated.

Pakistani Movie “7 Din Mohabbat In” Todaypk

Pakistani “7 Din Mohabbat In” movie’s important thing was that in the film, the role of always washing the role of Mahira Khan was presented in a unique way. Mahira Khan not only did comedy in the movie but she also fought against people for her rights.

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