How to Track My Lost iPhone Online – Find My Stolen Android Phone Free

How to Track My Lost iPhone Online

If you lost your iPhone and want to track stolen iPhone or Android smartphones this article specially for you. We all know that in the era of this modern technology, the loss of mobile phones has become the biggest trauma for any person. Often due to this shock, mobile phones are not expensive and not important but mobile data, phone numbers, and other important things are most important than the phone. However, those who use Android smartphones and Apple iPhones can avoid any major trauma if some precautionary measures are taken.

How to Track Lost iPhone Free Online

Those people who use the iPhone should know what their Apple ID is through which they signed up on their phone. If your iPhone gets lost then it’s the only thing that can help you find it. After saving the ID, you can go to settings and integrate the “Find my iPhone” feature. Turning on this feature allows you can Track it through GPS if you lose your phone.

Track my phone for free online

“Find My iPhone” iCloud Find My iPhone   

First of all, you may go to your iPhone Setting and Click on your Apple ID then Click on the iCloud option. After that scroll down and now enable the “Find my iPhone” Option.  Now if your phone gets lost, go to the iCloud website on the computer and get your Apple ID and Login to it with ID which you signed up for the iPhone. Here you will get an option for iCloud “Find My iPhone”. This will show you the location of your iPhone via the Map. However, this will only be possible if your lost phone is on the Internet. In the second case, you will see the place where the last time your phone is connected to the Internet.

Track your iPhone through Bell (Ringing) Option in the House / Room

If your iPhone was stolen in-home or room from here you can find the cell phone bell and find it. You can also put it on lost mode. Thus, your number will appear on the lock screen of your missing iPhone and whomever you receive will be able to contact you at this number.

Delete All Data From Stolen iPhone

The last thing you can do here is that you can delete all the data on your iPhone so that they cannot handle anyone else’s hands.

How to Track Lost “Android Phone” online free

If you are using an Android phone, there is a slight change in the same way. Android has the option of “Find My Device” that you can enable in the following ways. You will remember the “Android Device Manager” service. This service was introduced from Google in 2013 to help you find your Android mobile phone and delete all of your personal data in it.

How to use Google Service “Find My Device” on Android Smartphone

To use this Google Service “Find My Device” on Android Smartphone, you must keep your Gmail account login in you lost the android phone. Google introduced another interesting service called “Find My Phone”. Well, you’ve seen that Google is most popular to find everything. Apart from personal information, it also tells Google if anyone asks Google, age, height, and weight. All-day, we are still searching for Google, now you can find your phone on Google and that too with ease. For this, you need to just type “Find My Phone” on Google.

But Google needs a few things to do. How can Google now find out which is your phone and where? So it is important that you are logged in with the same Gmail account in the browser that is in your lost android phone. Regardless of logging, one will be asked to log in once again. Also, the Internet running on the phone is also necessary, or otherwise it will provide the last information that Google has. It is also very important that the location service on the phone is active, or it will be difficult to know its location.

The location of your phone will be displayed on the map as soon as possible. This is not, the option of ringing also shows here. If you are looking and find your mobile phone in your home, you can also save the phone ringtone using this option.

You cannot delete your phone data from here as compared to “Android Device Manager”. However, it can be used as a quick search option because it does not require any such angle like “Android Device Manager”.

How to Track Your Android Phone through GPS

Whenever you go somewhere, make GPS phone service must be on or enable. So that the information on which the phone keeps going safe. If your Android phone gets lost, go to Google website type android find from any computer. Here asked you will sign up Google account for this phone.

When you enter or log in a Google account, you will be shown a network on which is registered. You choose a device from there that has been lost. If you have GPS on your lost mobile phone at this time, here you will be shown the location of its presence. Here’s a remote locking option through which you can lock your lost smartphone. From here, data from Android phones can be deleted and if they are lost somewhere in the house, from here, their bell can be detected by the location of their presence.

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