Warzone All Bunker Access Codes

How to Access Warzone All Bunker Codes?

Warzone Bunker Codes

If you find all Warzone Bunkder Access Codes for “Call of Duty Warzone” players, it is no secret that Verdansk’s best loot is hidden in bunkers around the map. You may have discovered the Warzone Farmland bunker by accident, but don’t know how to enter or receive the Red Access Card and want to know its purpose. There are indeed various bunkers on the map, and the bunkers have various methods of entry. Some cards need to be collected randomly, some require access codes, there is nothing except possibly competing with other players for goods and some require you to solve a complicated puzzle involving Russian men and some phones.

So please keep reading all the details to learn where to find these mysterious Warzone bunkers and the conditions required to enter the interior. But be aware that even if you have all the information, access can be a daunting task especially if you are not the only one who wants to carry guns and cash. Fortunately, we have compiled the following Warzone bunker map to accurately determine where you need to go, and have done some hard work for you.

Theater bunker map and access code

First, if you have never encountered Warzone bunkers before, you need to understand how they look. All the three rods we will discuss later look like big metal gates with three yellow rods on them. For example, see Bunker 11. Now, as mentioned earlier, the huts near the prison, farmland bunkers, and TV station bunkers are not your usual bunkers. Instead, they are doors with a keyboard on a separate building or, in the case of a “farmland” treasure house, the doors in the main warehouse.

Fortunately, you only need to enter a fixed access code for the six locations on the map. We provide you with the code below.

Warzone Bunker codes

  1. Warzone North Junkyard Code 87624851
  2. Warzone South Junkyard Code 97264138
  3. Warzone Park Bunker Code 60274513
  4. Warzone Prison House Code 72948531
  5. Warzone Farmland Code 49285163
  6. Warzone Television Station Secret Code 27495810

If you are lucky enough to be alone in the bunker, you can approach the keyboard in each position and pop the above code into the corresponding cover. Just make sure you grab all the loot quickly to escape-after you finish all the hard work, players may be lurking nearby to steal your items.

The location of the red pass for the theater bunker

Next, five Warzone bunkers need to enter the red pass. This is where the luck lies. The red access card can be found randomly in the legendary orange chest. Not to be confused with the Blue Access Card that we will discuss later, you can also pick them up from the bodies of other players.

The position of the red pass for the Warzone bunker is below:

  1. Southern Hills
  2. Dam
  3. South of the military base
  4. Quarry East
  5. Prison

Bunker 11

You may have noticed that on the Warzone bunker location map, there is a blue bunker marked as “Bunker 11” by the “Call of Duty” community and can be found in the northwest of the military base.

During the game, you may also notice that you sometimes hear random phone ringtones. Now, if you want to enter Bunker 11, you not only need to answer one of the calls, but you also need to find the correct phone to answer it. If you make a mistake, you will hear the disconnection sound. There are 7 on the map to try, so you have to hurry up.

After receiving the correct call, you will hear the Russian voice, first say three words, then a tone. These three words are numbers. With the help of a Russian dictionary or Google Translate, you will be taken to the other three phone locations on the map after calculating the numbers. After answering the three calls in the correct order, you will hear a beep and more Russian, which means that you have managed to open Bunker 11.

However, you will not only get loot in this location. Through all the hard work, you will also become the owner of the MP7 Mud Dauber blueprint.

Airport Bunker Warzone

When Warzone integrated the Cold War content of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a large hole appeared in the airport runway near the tower. This is by far the easiest bunker to enter, but in terms of spoils, it may be the worst bunker. There is not much excitement out there, but for early games, this is a useful place-if you can beat everyone else, that is.

Warzone Bunker Stadium code

Finally, and equally important is Bunker 11’s cousin, the stadium bunker. Since the stadium has three locked doors, they hide some huge loot, so entering this door can be very tricky. That’s because there is no standard stadium access code. Instead, you need to find three blue access cards randomly dropped throughout the stadium. These are called P2-16, CL-19, and EL-21 cards.

There are two important points to note here. First of all, these cards are codes of the corresponding level, where you can find the card and the locked door. P2 represents parking level 2, CL represents lobby level, and EL represents an administrative level. Therefore, don’t waste time elsewhere. Secondly, cards can found within the first five minutes of the game, so you must act quickly. After getting them, swipe them through the corresponding bunkers through the card reader, and you will get stolen goods rewards.


So, finding everything you need to find the cover code and location of Call of Duty: Warzone will allow you and your team to master some of the best items in the game. You might also want to use the metro station in Verdansk to get to your destination faster, so go out there are some of the best Warzone guns.