WhatsApp Big Mistakes 2019 Bug Delete Messages

The biggest mobile application for messaging is the error of consumers from the WhatsApp’s engineers. Technologists claim that WhatsApp’s engineers started work on new features during which they had serious mistakes. Fallers’ faulty consumers have to suffer as their old messengers are deleted.

WhatsApp Big Mistakes 2019
WhatsApp Big Mistakes 2019

WA Beta Info Confirmed

In this case, users complained about the company on social networking sites, but the WhatsApp has not yet confirmed or denied these mistakes/errors. The WhatsApp based viewer, ‘WA Beta Info’, also confirmed that consumer messages are receiving complaints about self-deletion of WhatsApp messages chat. It also comes to the notice that WhatsApp experts have somewhat overcome the upcoming BUG, ​​after which the old messages of the IOS users are received again, while the consumer complaints are still retained.

Billions of WhatsApp User

According to the latest data released by the company, the number of WhatsApp users in 180 countries has crossed a billion, which is misleading any mobile app.

WhatsApp Introduced New Features for Beta Version

On the other hand, the WhatsApp introduced new features for consumers using the IOS operating system, which can only use the beta version. The feature of Group Chat Private Relation by WhatsApp was introduced, under which any user can send a private message to a friend in the group, besides the company also introduced new stickers.