WhatsApp gb apk | Features List of GBWhatsApp 2021

Official WhatsApp Features 2021

There is no denying that WhatsApp is the world’s largest social networking application in today’s world. With billions of users worldwide, however, providing the same number of users with the best services and protecting them from any hacking is the most difficult and time-consuming step for WhatsApp. Various warnings are also issued periodically by the WhatsApp for better features and protection of user data.

Talking to the media, WhatsApp spokesperson said that whenever you download the WhatsApp app, always install it from the official link. And update it from time to time. After installing the official WhatsApp, remember to delete other unsafe WhatsApp from the phone.

Is it safe/legal to use GBWhatsApp?

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Users who are using the unsafe app despite instructions and warnings from the WhatsApp administration, they were issued a final warning that any accounts linked to the unsecured app will be closed or permanently terminated. However, a statement issued by the WhatsApp administration also stated that all accounts that are active on the app will be removed from the official version of the WhatsApp. They will be temporarily down, but this will be possible if you want to use these accounts on the official WhatsApp. The purpose of all this strategy is to prevent users’ information and their valuable data from going into unsafe hands.

How to use 2 (Two) WhatsApp Numbers one Single Phone / Mobile

One of the new and distinctive features of the GB WhatsApp application program that has won the satisfaction of many users is that the program enables you to activate two WhatsApp numbers and operate them at the same time. On the same phone when downloading without needing to work for the mobile and works with ease without any problems. This is the best way to activate two numbers together. It is the easiest of all conversation programs, which made GB WhatsApp GB widely, spread among millions of users all over the world. And achieves the first positions in the list of downloads. Besides, the GB WhatsApp application can be linked to your mobile phone and between the computer and laptop your top makes you

Download Free GB Whatsapp Plus for Android

You can download the latest version of Gb WhatsApp plus v7.35.apk under the mentioned link. GBWhatsApp is a completely free program where you can download it from the store for your type of phone. If the phone type is Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store and if your phone type is Apple or iPod you can download it from the Apple Store. If your phone type is BlackBerry you can download it from the BlackBerry World store. In addition to the possibility of downloading it to a computer and laptop also. 

Features GB WhatsApp for Android: –

However, in recent times it has been seen that despite the information and precautions provided by the WhatsApp to users, some users are using other versions of unsafe WhatsApp which is likely to cause users’ data to be hacked and transfer information over to unsafe hands. WhatsApp plus and GB WhatsApp are two such mobile applications that are often used by users due to high features but it is not safe to do so.

It is more secure and always makes you have another backup copy of the conversations, photos, videos, audio messages. All the multimedia files that can be sent through the application. And GB WhatsApp program is the latest version in a permanent and continuous update that makes each version different from the one that proceeds. It because of its various features and new features and provides solutions that address the problems. In the old version and you can get the version that suits your phone from the program GB WhatsApp through the links below that allow you to run the version of the application easily on your mobile.

Ease of use GB Messenger

where you can use the GB Messenger program, the latest version of the new version, easily and without difficulty in dealing because it has a beautiful and wonderful design, especially the design of the latest version, it is very interesting and clear, and you can notice that it has the same design as the regular WhatsApp program without any difference, which makes you use “GB WhatsApp” program without any difficulty if you have previously dealt with any version of the WhatsApp program.

Notifications features

GB Messenger 2020 program alerts you when you receive messages from friends by notifications that you can view and respond to them from abroad without the need to open the program. Which makes the program more fluid and easy and also the program explains to you. If the person to whom you sent a message has reached it and informing it of it or not through the correct sign that is located below the message. Its shape changes with the change of its conditions.

Calling Features of GB WhatsApp

You can download the new GB WhatsApp program for Android from making voice or video calls with anyone who has the same program. No matter the distance between you and him provided the Wi-Fi internet is available. So you can establish international calls completely free of charge. The program provides those cells with high efficiency and total quality without interruption to contact or interference with the lowest possible speed.

Benefits not available in official WhatsApp

There are many benefits of GB and WhatsApp Plus application whose are not available in official WhatsApp application. Some GB WhatsApp benefits are mentioned in details as under:

  1. With the GB WhatsApp app, you can now only hide the online status of friends.
  2. When this option is enabled, your friend will not be able to tell whether or not he’s reading his message.
  3. No one can know that you received their message, but activating this option may cause messages not to arrive or be delayed.
  4. Your friend will not be able to tell that you are recording an audio clip until it reaches it directly.
  5. After this option is enabled, no one can know that you have viewed his status.
  6. You can send a message to your private groups at once.
  7. You can enable the option to stay online when you exit the app to disguise friends that you are still available.
  8. You can put a message to send to another person at another time just put the date and time.
  9. You can choose several different languages ​​that have been installed in GB WhatsApp not found in the official version.
  10. With the GB WhatsApp privacy settings, you can now use a secret digital number for WhatsApp to prevent hackers from entering.
  11. You can enable the option to stop receiving incoming calls due to the presence of some annoyers.
  12. You can choose the color that suits you because there are a large number of colors inside the application.
  13. You can deactivate and deactivate deleting messages received by your friends to see what content of messages has been deleted.

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