WhatsApp Introduced two new features – fingerprint accessible impossible – Screenshot off

WhatsApp largest mobile application introduces a two new feature of security after which no other person will be able to shorten the screen access to the user account and the screens of their messages. The new update for feature beta version of the WhatsApp feature was introduced in 2.19.106 as well as features of the Emoji and fingerprint lock have also been made part of this update.

WahtsApp New Security Fingerprint Features
WahtsApp New Security Fingerprint Features

The company has been told that if a friend’s screen takes short, his name will start appearing to the user, after which he will be able to block it accordingly. According to the details, the WhatsApp introduced the unique security feature beta version to users, which will now be required to check the user by going to the security option. If any of its chat or videos or any other features the screen will not be shortened.

WhatsApp’s fingerprints feature is just like bio-metric, i.e. users have to save their fingers printed after which no one can access the chat. Users who use beta versions want to use the screenshot and fingerprint feature, then go to the WhatsApp settings and then go to the account menu and then open it in Privacy. The administration has been warned that if the wrong fingerprint is used more than four times, the WhatsApp will turn off for some time.

This feature can only be used in the fingerprints set in Android Phones, as well as the convenience of the iPhone will be available in the same device as well.