WhatsApp Latest Announced – Will Charge Fee Soon London and All Over the World

WhatsApp Will Charge Fee Soon
WhatsApp  Charges Fee Soon

WhatsApp now a completely free but Company has confirmed that now the fee to use the WhatsApp will be required. The largest mobile application WhatsApp application has been announced to apply the usage fee.

According to the News Agency, WhatsApp announced on Wednesday 8th of May that consumers in London (UK) will now have to pay to use the service. The amount of payment will be under the Facebook system, which will be the trial service in the United Kingdom (UK) and will be introduced throughout the world after success.

Remember that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp Company in 2014, since which has increased the number of users uninterrupted. Various new features are introduced by the Company at different times to provide standard service to users.

This announcement from the administration regarding Brigade Dell, but it is not yet clear that consumers will have to pay monthly or pay once a year.

WhatsApp Engineers Jobs Announced 

The WhatsApp also announced 100 Engineers (jobs) to work in Dublin’s Software House regarding the ongoing Brigade Dell in London. WhatsApp Operating Chief, Mr. Idmaema, said, “We are offering expert services to provide the best services to consumers who will not pay the salary but will be paying them from the London Consumers.

He also told that consumers in London and Dublin are using the WhatsApp for the last two metals. He said that Facebook will soon introduce new applications and methods for payment from the WhatsApp mobile until the end of the year.

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