Why Google Android Services Banned Huawei Mobiles – Huawei Reaction about Alligation

Google Android Services Banned Huawei Mobiles
Google Android Services Banned Huawei Mobiles

Recently Google and Android system closed on Huawei Mobiles. Huawei is the largest manufacturer of mobile internet access to latest 5G networks, and many Western countries and their companies use its tools.

Donald Trump Blacklisted The Huawei Due To … ?

Google services suspended on Chinese Mobile Company Huawei Technologies, Google has taken this step when a few days ago the US President Donald Trump blacklisted the Huawei.

It was believed that last week President Trump signed an executive order, which will allow US companies to stop using telecom equipment developed by foreign companies, which the US government thinks as a threat to national security.

Huawei Responds about Donald Trump Alligations

Huawei administration has said many times in the past that he is not a threat to America and the allegations of spying of American Companies are unmatched.

Huawei Future Plan – How to Handle This Situation

Huawei Company has confirmed to be its operating system; Huawei’s mobile chief Richard Yong Dong Dong said that if Google and Android services were suspended permanently on Huawei, their company had to deal with such situation has already developed an operating system. The Company says the system will be introduced for mobile phones and computers when needed. It is also said that after the move, the company is ready for all kinds of impact on its business worldwide.

Google and Android Services Now Available on Exiting Huawei Mobile

Huawei users will now be able to use Android applications and Google Play services, but this year it is unlikely to be available on their devices after the launch of Google’s next version. After that, users of Huawei will use this new version through the Android operating system open source license.